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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Glenlivet 12 years aged

80 Proof/ 40% alcohol
Cost: ~$40.00

Glenlivet Distillery was founded in 1824 along the Livet River in North-East Scotland
The 12 year is on their more popular, and affordable products.
It has an aroma more reminiscent of a bourbon, or a mix scotch such as Johnnie Walker.  Unlike most scotches, the first thing to hit the olfactory sense is a warm burn, rather than the usually smokey scent.  The smoke is there, but plays second off of the burn.
As you take a sip, it comes in smoothly like most scotches and you really get the smoke at that point.  The flavor is light on peat and the burn comes on slowly as you move it over your tongue.  Now, the burn is nothing like that of most whiskey's, it is warm and numbs the mouth to a certain point, without ever giving the unpleasant burn that scares most away from drinking lesser whiskey's straight.
As you swallow it, the smoke reappears and works it's way back into your nose.  The burn continues once it hits the back of your tongue and it is a little more formidable this time, but short lived.  It leaves you with little a small after-taste of the peat and a very smooth, warm sensation in the throat.
This is a very distinctive scotch, and at the same time, what they have done gives it a beautiful simplicity.

Taste---- 8.25
Finish---- 8.75
Value---- 8.75

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