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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reviw: Dewar's White Label Blended Scotch

80 proof/ 40% alcohol

Today I have made good on my promise to make scotch affordable to those of us without trust funds.  Last Thursday I picked up a bottle of Dewar's White Label Blended Scotch and have been getting a feel for it since.  I'd heard of it many times of course, as it is one of the most well known and readily available scotches throughout the world.  I finally decided to pick it up and see what drove a man like Andrew Carnegie to present a barrel of it to a President.

As I first poured this into the glass, the aroma did not do very much to impress me.  I was helped to a dissatisfying portion of smoke along with a heaping scoop of raw, almost synthetic alcohol.  Being worried that I, the man attempting to protect you all from mal-informed purchases had been duped, I added a splash of water, readying myself to sip, and cheered for the Dewar's to redeem itself.  It did not disappoint.  
My palate was immediately flooded with an unexpectedly complex taste.  Once separated from the initial olfactory response, the taste is smooth, and satisfyingly sweet.  The savory and familiar taste of peat then cut through the sweetness to provide the missing savory component.  As I rolled it over my tongue, hoping to unlock yet another aspect, a small taste of smoke rose into my nasal cavity.  If it were lacking in any place, this would be it.  The smoke offered what felt more like a tease than closure to the tasting experience.  My last note on the taste would be the burn, being the sole constant.  It can be a tad bit strong with a burn on the tongue teetering on the edge of become unpleasant while maintaining a numbing effect.  
Having extracted all of the flavor this blend had to offer I decided it was time to lead this sip to the stomach.  The finish lacked the astringent sensation I had come to expect.  Of course, this is often the price one pays for a sweet taste.  The finish is, taken on the whole, lack luster, but achieves an impressive smoothness to be coveted.  However, it takes no real risks in this stage.
All in all, I was truly impressed with the quality of the Dewar's White Label for what I expected.  I will absolutely buy it again.  Although it comes off as somewhat synthetic, it is a great buy for people trying to acquaint themselves with the taste of scotch. 

Finish--- 8.0
Value--- 8.75

Best, Colin


  1. Great review! I bought myself a bottle just to get a feel for it.

  2. I have been drinking Dewars White Label and Dewars 12 year old since 1977 exclusively. There is nothing to compare it with.