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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let me introduce myself...

As anybody who has ever been to a liquor store understands, scotch-whiskey averages out to be just about the most expensive alcohol one can buy.  Personally, I am a college student on quite a limited budget with an unlimited love for scotch.  So, for me and most people, buying scotch is a pretty big investment that merits some research.  We've all bought liquor on a hunch that it might be worth the money, or based on varying opinions online and been very disappointed after the first sip.

Essentially, this blog aims to create a sort of scaled database of one singular type of drink, based on the consistency of having one person taste them.  I'll be rating each whiskey on several categories, all based out of ten:
-Taste (Taking into account simply the experience from aroma upon pouring until just before swallowing)
-Finish (Including things like the finish of the scotch and the after-taste)
-Value (This is obviously the most important category for most.  This is basically a ratio of quality to price)

Hopefully, if nothing more, this blog can help to make this traditionally rich man's drink more economical and understandable for us common folk.  Maybe some of you will learn to develop a taste for this very distinctively beautiful species of liquor.  

I will try to post a new scotch review every week, and will be supplementing the reviews with basic information, history, news, and useful facts about scotch (and other whiskeys as well).

Hope you enjoy!



  1. You better pay some homage to the first good scotch you ever tried; laphroaig 10 year old. I think I have created a scotch monster lol.

  2. As soon as I get another bottle of it. haha